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Louise Opprud Jakobsen

Innovatør, hjernenørd og fremtidsforsker

Work Design - your brain & the future of work

Hello I'm Louise

I´m a researcher of NeuroScience and an innovator of work. I´ve spent the last 12 years interviewing and visiting more than 500 key profiles, researchers, and front end innovators at Spotify, Pixar, the Moonshot factory at Google, LEGO Ventures, Stanford University, Airbnb, NASA and many more to get deep insights into new ways of working and research based strategies for creative performance. I run extensive programs for companies about how to redesign work to be sustainable, ensure well-being and make room for the types of work that have value in the future.

My customers are global and diverse - among others they count; LEGO, MBR Space Center (UAE), Government of Dubai, Google, Novo Nordisk, Hyper Island, VEGA, Bacon Production, Angostura, BMW and many more. I´ve done keynotes for more than 50,000 people in Scandinavia, Europe, UAE and the US about Research based Strategies for New ways of working. Today I live in Copenhagen, and often work out of Paris.

Work Design - your brain & the future of work

Today, valuable work demands more originality, innovation and creativity from all of us. Work is becoming increasingly complex and cognitively demanding and requires our daily best performance and creative thinking. So, how do we design our work from a brain perspective, to foster way more accomplishment, less stress and way more creative output? And what has your happiness to do with a 300% boost in innovation? In this session we will take a deep dive into the NeuroSciences that explains how creativity works, and how you can design your work for your best performance and brilliance. We will look at what impacts your creative output, such as your circadian rhythm, your attention span, cognitive switching, deep thinking, your flow states and happiness - and then together discuss how to design a work life optimal for your brain's way of performing.

This keynote can be tailored within:
Focus & flowstates
Creative thinking
Happiness & well-being
The redesign of meetings & emails
Sustainable work-strategies

The session can be run as a keynote (45-60 mins) or a workshop (90-120) mins.
Keynote: 33.000 DKK / 4.400 EUR
Workshop: 45.000 DKK / 6.000 EUR including a digital workbook on the topic for all attendees
+ transportation, hotel if needed.

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